Blog Shortcodes


Below are the options that are available for this shortcode and their default values. A hash (#) indicates a required value.
'images' => 'true', // true, false
'cats' => '', // Category IDs e.g. 51,43,12
'image_width' => '580',
'image_height' => '300',
'per_page' => '4', // Number of posts per page
'orderby' => 'date', // date, title, random
'order' => 'desc', // desc, asc
'offset' => '0', // Number of posts to exclude from beginning
'excerpt_length' => '40', // 0 to disable
'full_content' => 'true', // true, false
'title' => 'true', // true, false
'meta' => 'true', // true, false
'pagination' => 'true' // true, false,
'preload' => 'false' // false, true,
'wrap' => 'false' // false, true

And this is what you should insert into your posts and pages…
[blog images="true" cats="" image_width="580" image_height="300" per_page="4" orderby="date" order="desc" offset="0" excerpt_length="40" meta="true" full_content="true" title="true" divider="line" pagination="true" preload="false" wrap="false" /]

[blog cats="5" image_width="580" image_height="170" per_page="2" excerpt_length="50" full_content="false" pagination="false" /]

Blog entry 1

This is a test blog entry

Official Press Release

Samsill Introduces Revolutionary Speedy Spine™ Ring Binder
Samsill Corporation, one of the world’s largest independently owned manufacturers of ring binders, announced the launch of its newest and most exciting ring binder called Speedy Spine™. The Speedy Spine™ features a patent pending spine channel construction that loads spine labels five times faster than traditional view binders on the market. Save Time and Money with the new Speedy Spine™.

[blog images="false" cats="" per_page="2" excerpt_length="10" pagination="false" meta="false" /]

[blog cats="5" per_page="2" image_width="150" image_height="200" pagination="false" meta="true" wrap="true" excerpt_length="100" /]