Cycle Slider Shortcode


Below are the options that are available for this shortcode and their default values. A hash (#) indicates a required value.
'name' => 'cycleslider',
'width' => '960',
'height' => '400',
'cats' => '', // Category IDs
'slides' => '-1', // Number of slides, -1 to display all
'effect' => 'fade', // fade, cycle, blindX, blindY, blindZ, cover, curtainX, curtainY, cycleZoom, growX, growY, none, scrollUp, scrollDown, scrollLeft, scrollRight, scrollHorz, scrollVert, shuffle, slideX, slideY, toss, turnUp, turnDown, turnLeft, turnRight, uncover, wipe, zoom
'timeout' => '6', // Number of seconds
'nav' => 'true', // true, false
'align' => 'none', // none, alignleft, alignright, aligncenter

And this is what you should insert into your posts and pages…
[cycle_slider name="cycleslider" cats="" slides="-1" effect="fade" width="960" height="400" align="none" nav="true" timeout="6" /]

[cycle_slider name="cycleslider1" slides="-1" effect="cycleZoom" width="750" height="450" align="aligncenter" /]

[cycle_slider name="cycleslider2" slides="-1" effect="blindX" width="750" height="350" align="aligncenter" timeout="0" /]