Testimonials Shortcode


Below are the options that are available for this shortcode and their default values. A hash (#) indicates a required value.

'name' => 'testimonials',
'cats' => '',
'limit' => '6',
'width' => '295'

And this is what you should insert into your posts and pages…
[testimonials name="testimonials" cats="" limit="6" width="" /]

ANY admin – and I know this has happened to you, too – who has ever struggled to get a spine to go into a view binder…Samsill Speedy Spine Binders to the rescue!
Julie P.
I can’t believe how easy the speedy spines are to use! Where have you been all my life?!?
University of Maryland
I used to print my spine labels on color copy paper. Because it’s slick it slides in a lot better than using regular copy paper. Now I don't have to!
San Diego Association of Governments

[testimonials name="testimonials" cats="" limit="3" width="500" /]