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The new Speedy Spine binders will be fabulous for us. We have around 100 binders within our department that are used continuously. Being able to insert the file name is great since we have to type our names on copy paper and then cut it to size, and sometimes going back to cut it more. I would have to pull the binder covers backward in order to loosen the insert area, which did help. However, the ½ and 1 inch binders were a struggle. Getting the inserts back out was even harder; would use a letter opener to loosen the insert from the binder and get hold of it, as well as use an eraser to try and push the paper upward. Barbara R.

About Speedy Spine
The dilemma of tight, almost impossible to insert spine graphics has plagued view binders since its inception more than 30 years ago. Now Speedy Spine™ eliminates that time wasting problem by allowing easy drop-in of spine inserts for custom graphics in seconds. “Our goal is to provide innovative products that make life better for our customers and I feel Speedy Spine does just that”, said James Bankes, Samsill President and CEO.

I can’t believe how easy the speedy spines are to use! Where have you been all my life?!? I’ve had so much trouble inserting the spines in the past. I would print inserts on regular paper, then fold them just so, and utilize one of those long, skinny letter openers to help with the insertion! It was like performing major surgery! Thanks so much for creating these wonderful binders!
Sandra A.

Speedy Spine™ was also named finalist for the Second Annual North American Office Products Award in the Best Product – Core Office Product category. Forty judges reviewed over 300 entries, but only 23 companies were selected as finalists in 7 categories. Samsill made the shortlist with its revolutionary new Speedy Spine binder.The Speedy Spine binder includes a Patent Pending spine channel for the fastest and easiest spine label insertion. Testing has shown Speedy Spine to be five times faster than traditional view binders. “We are honored to be recognized for developing innovative products that make life better for our customers, “said James Bankes, Samsill President. “By being named a finalist, Samsill has demonstrated excellence in new product development that is making an impact in the industry.” Speedy Spine™ is now available through SP Richards, Staples and many other office product resellers.

I would print my spine labels on color copy paper, because it’s slick, it slides in a lot better than using regular copy paper. Now I don’t have to!
Deborah G.

Speedy Spine™ is a part of the Samsill Binders for Life products. Stepping outside the bounds of traditional office products Samsill is proud to manufacture value-added products. These products feature patented construction, cutting edge additives, and cause oriented goods, Samsill stands out from the average office product merchandise. The new campaign BinderforLife proclaims in the tagline that they are “creating products that matter to you.” Samsill is proud to constantly create unique products; like our Biodegradable, Antimicrobial, Breast Cancer Awareness and Ergonomic binders. Products that matter to the consumer at a real daily level and not just touting long lasting durability or heavy-duty construction but backing it up with a lifetime guarantee. “The BindersforLife Guarantee is a statement of confidence to our customers for the reliability and durability of Samsill’s BindersforLife products. Our binders are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality, appearance and performance. This lifetime warranty reflects a 58 year tradition of excellence and a commitment to
superior binder products. The BindersforLife guarantee is our pledge to you that we will proudly stand behind our products for the lifetime of the binder.”

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